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TACSI core beliefs, and conditions for learning

We believe...

  • Children and youth are our most precious resources.

  • All children can learn.
  • A community school improves student learning and promotes family engagement with students and their school.
  • All families deserve access to guidance, support, and resources, as they are the primary nurturers, educators, and advocates for their children.
  • Families, schools, and communities must work together to create safe and secure environments in which all young people can succeed.
  • Community partnerships increase opportunities available for student and family learning.
  • Public, private, and faith-based community organizations and businesses play a vital role in promoting positive youth development and capable families.
  • Community schools add vitality and stability to neighborhood communities.
  • Diversity is an asset to be valued and respected.
  • Strong and innovative leadership is necessary for long-term planning and sustainability.
  • A community school is strengthened by a system of accountability, evaluation, and continuous process improvement.

Conditions for learning...

We believe the best outcomes for students will be realized when these conditions for learning are in place:

  • The school has a core instructional program with qualified teachers, a challenging curriculum, and high standards and expectations for students.
  • Students are motivated and engaged in learning--both in school and in community settings, during and after school.
  • The basic physical, mental, and emotional health needs of young people and their families are recognized and addressed
  • Mutual respect and effective collaboration exist among parents, families, and school staff.
  • Community engagement and school efforts promote a school climate that is safe, supportive, and respectful, and connects students to a broader learning community.
  • Early childhood development is fostered through high-quality, comprehensive programs that nurture learning and development.

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Jan Creveling, Senior Planner, Community Schools


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