Oklahoma Community Profiles

The CSC Data Center and Metropolitan Human Services Commission prepare a series of Oklahoma Community Profile Reports each year, to provide a “snapshot” of conditions, trends, and needs affecting people in the greater Tulsa area, and in other communities, across the state. Community Profile Reports are overviews of key demographic, socioeconomic and health trends. The data used in these community profiles is current and mostly from the U.S. Census Bureau, State Health Department and Health Care Authority, State Department of Education, and other sources. The report is widely used by Tulsa Area United Way, other funders, human services planners, service providers, community leaders, and other interested groups and individuals. 

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Creek County, 2015

Garfield and Grant Counties, 2015

Hughes County, 2015

Jackson County, 2016

Kingfisher County, 2013

Logan County, 2013

North Tulsa, 2015

Osage County, 2016

Rogers County, 2016

Tulsa County, 2016

Tulsa County, 2013

Tulsa County: Cultural Diversity, 2015

Tulsa County: Women, Children & Families, 2015

Tulsa County: Women, 2013

Tulsa County: Young Children Overview, 2013

Washington County, 2015

Washington & Nowata Counties, Bartlesville, 2015

Woodward County, 2016

For all additional counties or for data not found in these profiles, please email Melanie.

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